As a company in the chemical industry, AKEMI is very conscious of the importance of environmental protection and product safety. In the development and production processes AKEMI takes this responsibility into consideration.

For this reason, when selecting raw materials, we take particular care to use those which are as environmentally-friendly as possible and test whether they are approved for a worldwide sale. The packaging of the products is made out of ecologically-compatible materials such as polyethylene or tin plate.

AKEMI products meet all legal requirements with regard to health protection, work safety and labelling. In our safety data sheets we indicate – besides the information required by law (e.g. name of material, first-aid measures in case of accidents, notes for storage) – in addition the application of appropriate protection equipment (e.g. glasses, gloves) when using our products.

Our AKEPOX®-adhesives are also classified according to the so-called GISCODES of the Deutsche Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (Accident Prevention and Insurance Association of the German Building Industry). In this way, operating instructions can easily be obtained at the website of the Berufsgenossenschaft by means of the GISCODE.